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      Handan Heqing Logistics Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Handan Zhengda Management Co., Ltd. It was formally established in March 2007. It is located in the north side of Handan Longitudinal and Horizontal Avenue. It is located at the junction of Shanxi, Hebei, Shandong and Henan provinces. Main business: steel varieties plate, strip, hot plate, welded pipe, galvanized pipe, steel plastic pipe, square tube and so on.
      The company adhering to the "quality-oriented, customer-oriented" purpose, management innovation as the goal, market demand as the guide, adhere to the "quality is the basis of credibility, service is the basis of efficiency, innovation is the source of development" business philosophy, grasp the pulse of the industry, close to customer needs, perpetual market frontier. Since its inception, the company has adhered to innovation, pragmatism, unity and win-win situation. After years of development and accumulation, it has explored a set of operation, management and development modes to stimulate creativity, strengthen execution, make marketing mode more flexible, service mode faster, management mode more flexible and individual staff more creative. To establish a deep and solid business relationship with the vast number of customers in the industry, to ensure that enterprises in the fierce market competition in an invincible position.
      Tel: 0310-8197901
      Address: vertical and horizontal road, Handan, Hebei
      No.9, Juliang Ave, Cheng'an Industrial Zone, Handan, Hebei
      Qian'an Zhengda: North of Shuangma Road, Zhaodianzi Town, Qian'an, Tangshan, Hebei Province
      Shanxi Zhengda: Houbei Industrial Park, Houma City, Shanxi Province


      ADD:No. 9 Juliang Avenue, Chengan Industrial Zone, Handan City, Hebei Province
      Wechat Service Number