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      “Complete sincerity can affect even metal and stone”

      Zhengda peoples hardworking receive praise from all the industry from society, and gain the trust from nationwide clients.
      "Tianhong"qualified galvanized pipe, spiral pipe, square and rectangular pipe,steel-plastic
      composites pipe were used in major construction projects of nation, province and city.

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      No.9, Juliang Ave, Cheng'an Industrial Zone, Handan, Hebei
      Qian'an Zhengda: North of Shuangma Road, Zhaodianzi Town, Qian'an, Tangshan, Hebei Province
      Shanxi Zhengda: Houbei Industrial Park, Houma City, Shanxi Province


      ADD:No. 9 Juliang Avenue, Chengan Industrial Zone, Handan City, Hebei Province
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