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To list your item simply click on the SellĀ link found on the header navigational bar. The listing process is split up into several main sections, notably:-

  • Category selection
  • Item Details
  • Auction Settings
  • Shipping and Payment
  • Listing preview
  • Listing confirmation

The listing process is developed in such a way that you are guided through every step seamlessly.

The first part of the process is to choose the category you wish to list your item in, this can be revised at any time by using the Previous Step navigation button.

Step two enables you to enter your item title and description, a full wysiwyg editor is in place to enable you to use HTML descriptions.

Moving on to step three.

Auction Starting Bid

This requires you to enter the minimum bid you are willing to accept, you can also set a reserve price to ensure you do not sell the item for this amount. Please see below for more information on this.

Reserve Price

Enabling a reserve price affectively means you will not sell the item for less than the amount set, for example you can set the start price at 5.00 but only accept winning bids over 50.00, should a bid be placed for 49.99 the item will close without a winner.

Buy out, also know as 'Sell it Now'

Buy out allows you to set an amount you are willing to sell the item for straight away. For example you can set the start price to 10.00 but offer interested parties the option to buy the item immediately for 40.00.

You can also list buy out only auctions, these auctions remove all bidding options meaning the listing can only be purchased for a set amount. To set a buy out only auction you need to set the buy out value to be exactly equal with the start bid.

Bid increment

This option can be used to set your own custom bid increment if preferred.

Set start/end time

You can either opt to list your item right away and set a defined number of days for it to be live for or you also have the option to define your own custom start/end time.

Private Auction

Private auction will hide the bidders identity on the item details page

Image upload

To accompany your item you can upload up to 8 images either from your local computer or enter the URL of an image(s) hosted elsewhere

Auto Re-List

For convenience you can opt to have your items automatically re-listed up to four times if unsold.

On the next step you can set your shipping and payment preferences including your shipping rates and available methods of delivery.

Proceeding on, you can then review the listing and make changes if required, please note you can still edit your listing once live via the members area.

The final step provides you with listing confirmation.
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